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There are 20 activity badges. They are an integral part of the Webelos den program. They provide exciting activities for den meetings and suggest outside activities that will break up the routine of regular indoor meetings. Activity badges are part of the requirements for earning the Webelos badge and the Arrow of Light Award. But, most of all, they help accomplish the purposes of Cub Scouting.

The Webelos den meeting program will usually feature one activity badge each month. The boys receive instruction, practice what they have been taught, and take part in games or contests using the skills. In some cases they actually pass the badge requirements. Once the skill is learned by the boy, he practices it at den meetings and at home on his own. The boy's family should be encouraged to help him at home. All work or experiments are done or brought to meetings to show others. This encourages a boy to do his best and gives the uncertain boys an idea of what is required. Essays, notebooks, drawings, and other written work are turned in to the Webelos den leader for approval. If the requirement says for a boy to "tell," he should do that at a den meeting.

Many people can be involved in activity badge work. The Webelos den leader and Webelos den chief will handle quite a bit. However, there will be parents, other family members, or other adults with talents and skill related to certain badges who should be invited to help also. Remember to enlist the aid of outsiders who can teach the badge requirements. The badges will have more meaning to the boys if a qualified person coaches them. (See Activity Badge Counselor)

Activity badges offer a good opportunity to spice up Webelos den meetings. They provide opportunities for exhibits and demonstrations at pack meetings. And they might create an interest that will lead to a hobby or career in later life.

Webelos wear them either on their Webelos cap or on the Webelos "colors". It does not matter which pin goes on which ribbon. The Webelos colors go below and touching the den number, or below and touching the U.S. flag if there is no den number (such as using patrol badges). The activity badges are in five groups of four badges each. The groups are:

Physical skills

Mental skills




Webelos Scouts can earn the Compass Points Emblem and Compass Points as recognition of earning more activity badges than the minimum required for Webelos. The scout must earn the Webelos badge first, before being awarded the compass points emblem, no matter how many activity badges he has earned. The emblem and the compass points are each awarded for an additional four activity badges. The totals are as follows:

Note: There is no official BSA special award for a Webelos Scout who has earned all 20 activity badges. There are some unofficial "Heavy Shoulder Award" certificates used by some units.

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Acitivty Badge Counselor

Qualifications: The activity badge counselor may be a Webelos parent, a pack leader, a teacher, coach, or other adult qualified to teach one or more activity badges to Webelos Scouts. This is usually a temporary position.

Responsibilities: The activity badge counselor's responsibilities are to:

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