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These pages are meant to give you a better understanding of the Webelos Scout program. Along with an overview of the Webelos program, there are the requirements for the Webelos badge, the Arrow of Light award, and the activity badges, answers to frequently asked questions, sample schedules, resources (both print and internet), and a quiz to see how well you know the Webelos Scout program.

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The Webelos Scout program is a two-year transition program between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.


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Boy Scout

The boy becomes a Webelos Scout upon graduation from the Bear program in the spring of third grade. He has all summer to get started on Webelos activities. Boys new to Cub Scouting can become Webelos if they are 10 years old or have completed third grade, and have earned the Bobcat badge.

The end of the Webelos Scout program is when the Webelos Scouts graduate into a troop, typically in February or March of their fifth grade year for those areas holding early graduations. Other groups may graduate at the end of fifth grade when the school year ends.

During these two years, the Webelos Scouts have two badges of rank they can earn and 20 activity badges. These two ranks are:

Usually the boys earn the Webelos badge during the first year, and the Arrow of Light during the second year. It is possible for a boy who joins scouting at the start of fifth grade to earn both his Webelos badge and his Arrow of Light award before it is time to graduate into a troop, but it takes a lot of planning and effort to accomplish this.[See schedule Plan D]

Much of the activities done in the den are focused around the 20 activity badges (or pins). Some (not all) activity badges are required for the Webelos badge and for the Arrow of Light award. To learn more about the activity badges, click here. There are other activities the Webelos Scouts must do besides earn activity badges. To learn more about these non-pin activities, click here.

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